Teaching time management techniques to students

Title of the Good Practice

Teaching time management techniques to students

Description of the Good Practice

This best practice focuses on providing teachers with effective strategies and techniques for teaching students how they can improve their time management.

It covers essential skills such as using a planner, using time tracking tools and the application of basic time management techniques. The practice is geared toward teaching young high school students and offers interesting insights for trainers as well.


  • Time Management
  • Project Management
  • Planning Skills



Number of participants


Type of training


Number and type of exercises

The exercise is practical, engaging and suitable for young secondary school students, developing essential time management skills.



Target Audience

Teachers, educators, instructors

Competences/skills that you will require

Knowledge of time management techniques, pedagogical knowledge, learning by doing skills, classroom management skills.




Consideration as a GP

Teaching and coaching students in effective time management is crucial: this practice will in fact help them to develop their executive and study effectiveness, two traits that are nowadays highly appreciated and requested in the job market.

The ability to manage time effectively allows people to reduce stress and daily gain confidence in themselves and in their productive capacity. Being able to quote tasks and complete them on time increases the ability to sustain an assertive dialogue, establish a SMART (Specific-Measurable-Achievable-Relevant-Time based) schedule and have an adequate level of self-confidence.