Project Activities

The SOURCE Curriculum Development 

For the development of the Curriculum, a common template (course descriptor) will be drafted where all curriculum elements will be identified. 

The partners will work in parallel groups (one group per module, 1-3 persons). The members of each group will be assigned two distinctive roles: the Leader who drives the development and the Reviewer who actively supports the development of training materials. During this phase, the roles of each partner will be clearly identified considering the specific learning objectives and individual expertise. All partners are going to be involved. 

The development of the training material: the progress of each Working Group will be tracked on a biweekly basis through a respective log activity. Each group is responsible for updating its progress on a bi-weekly basis. Based on previous experience, all partners highlighted the need to early identify potential overlaps and common materials and act accordingly. 

An overall assessment methodology linked with the specific learning objectives will be provided. The Working Groups are in charge of “populating” the initial design of the assessment methodology ensuring consistency between all modules (harmonization in terms of number and types of assessment tasks). A dedicated design meeting in M8 will kick off the activity in order to define the SOURCE Course team bringing together multi-disciplinary team members.