Solar-Powered Science Fair

Title of the Good Practice

Solar-Powered Science Fair

Description of the Good Practice

Description of a Good Practice: Students in a middle school organized a science fair where all projects had to incorporate solar energy in some way. This project-based learning activity encouraged students to research solar power, design experiments, build solar-powered models, and present their findings to the school community


  • Project-Based Learning
  • Renewable Energy
  • STEM Education
  • Presentation Skills



Number of participants

Small groups or large groups depending on the number of students in the classroom

Type of training


Number and type of exercises

Students are encouraged to find solar power and design experiments and present their findings to the school community


Up to a few hours (but it demands a strong commitment from the students to do their own research and then design their experiments)

Target Audience

Middle school students and teachers

Competences/skills that you will require

Research, Experiment Design, Presentation Skills



Consideration as a GP

This practice is considered good because it engages students in hands-on learning, promotes STEM education, and raises awareness about renewable energy. Measurable indicators include the number of participating students, the quality of their presentations, and increased knowledge of solar power.

Assessment Good Practice