Mastering Word Processing Skills

Title of the Good Practice

Mastering Word Processing Skills

Description of the Good Practice

This good practice focuses on mastering the basics of word processing tools, specifically Microsoft Word, to create professional-looking documents. It covers essential skills such as creating and opening documents, formatting text, and page layout.


  • Software Skills
  • Word processing
  • Formatting



Number of participants

Individual/small groups

Type of training


Number and type of exercises

Series of practical exercises designed to ensure that participants acquire practical, real-world skills in mastering a word processor.


Up to a week

Target Audience

Teachers, educators, instructors

Competences/skills that you will require

Basic computer skills, knowledge of Microsoft Word, typing skills


Consideration as a GP

Mastering word processing skills is a good practice because it can help individuals create professional-looking documents efficiently. It is an essential skill in today’s digital age, where most documents are created and shared electronically. Measurable indicators of success could include the number of documents created using word processing tools and the impact on the quality and appearance of the documents.