Interactive Language Café

Title of the Good Practice

Interactive Language Café

Description of the Good Practice

The Interactive Language Café is a weekly virtual meetup where adult learners gather to converse in a foreign language, practice language skills, and build cultural competence. Trained facilitators guide discussions, ensuring a supportive and inclusive environment for participants. The café also incorporates multimedia resources, such as short films and podcasts, to enhance language learning.


  • Language learning
  • Multimedia Resources
  • Inclusive Environment.


Target language of instruction and communication varies based on participants’ needs.

Number of participants

2-10 people

Type of training


Number and type of exercises

Conversation, can be as little as 2-3 questions or as long as participants wish.


Minimum 30 minutes, maximum 2 hours.

Target Audience

Adult learners seeking to improve their foreign language skills and cultural understanding.

Competences/skills that you will require

  • Facilitation skills
  • Language proficiency
  • Cultural competence
  • Digital literacy
  • Communication skills


Consideration as a GP

  • Measurable Indicators: Number of participants, frequency of sessions, and participant feedback.
  • Results: Improved language proficiency, increased cultural awareness, and enhanced communication skills among participants. Positive feedback and sustained engagement demonstrate its effectiveness.