Coaching students in effective time management

Title of the Good Practice

Coaching students in effective time management

Description of the Good Practice

This good practice focuses on learning and training time management techniques, in other words, on improving the technique of organising and monitoring the time spent on various tasks.

The practice helps to understand that effective time organisation can be really valuable to achieve more and better results in less time, meet deadlines and reduce stress, so as to be successful both professionally and as a student.

Time management requires proactive choices about what you want to undertake, prioritisation of tasks and how much time to devote to each activity. Learning to manage time means becoming autonomous and having control and awareness of your productive and executive capacity, and it can benefit students in all areas of life.


This good practice will lead to becoming familiar with the most popular time management tools:


  • The Eisenhower Matrix (a prioritization technique that classifies work into urgent and meaningful tasks);
  • Pareto Principle (according to which 80 percent of effects come from 20 percent of factors, useful for ranking and analysing tasks according to their weight or value in a specific environment);
  • The Pomodoro approach (a technique that divides time into 25-minute periods of intense work separated by 5-minute breaks, with a longer rest after 4 uninterrupted work sessions);
  • Time blocking (time management strategy that divides the day into specific time sections);
  • The Getting Things Done method (task management strategy of noting down every detail, ranking it according to importance, and then doing the tasks);
  • Applications to increase productivity (The technology to support time management to set schedules and set reminders).


  • Time Management
  • Project Management
  • Learning By Doing



Number of participants


Type of training


Number and type of exercises

Exercises are designed to introduce students to various time management techniques and tools, promoting practical experience and discussion of their practical applications.


Up to a week

Target Audience

Teachers, educators, instructors

Competences/skills that you will require

Ability to prioritize, ability to organise, plan, schedule and monitor work progress


Consideration as a GP

Improving time management means acquiring useful skills for teachers from two perspectives: firstly, in terms of better management of lessons and their teaching activities, and then in terms of sharing these practices with students.

Measurable indicators of success could include measuring the time spent on certain activities and the willingness to devote time to recreational activities.