AI-Enhanced Content Curation

Title of the Good Practice

AI-Enhanced Content Curation

Description of the Good Practice

AI-enhanced content curation is the process of using artificial intelligence algorithms and tools to discover, organize, and recommend educational content specific target audiences such as learners or educators. This practice can significantly enhance the quality and relevance of learning materials.

These tools can analyze user behavior and interests to make personalized recommendations and suggest content that is most likely to engage and convert potential customers.


  • AI Content Curation
  • Personalized Learning
  • Ed Tech Curator



Number of participants

Ιndividual/small groups

Type of training


Number and type of exercises

Engaging in AI-enhanced content curation involves steps that include: Tool Familiarization, Customization Exercise and Feedback Loop Implementation


A few days

Target Audience

Teachers, educators, students

Competences/skills that you will require

Digital Literacy, Information Evaluation, AI Awareness, Content Curation Skills, Personalization Proficiency, Continuous Learning



Various subscription options are available, offering different features and pricing plans. A typical example that do not require payment can be found at

Consideration as a GP

By automating the process of searching for, organizing, and recommending educational content, AI-enhanced content curation saves educators and learners significant time that can be better spent on learning and teaching activities. Measurable indicators could include a reduction in the time educators spend on content discovery and organization, leading to more time for instructional planning.

AI algorithms can tailor content recommendations to individual learner preferences and needs, leading to more personalized learning experiences. Measurable indicators here could include improved learner engagement, increased completion rates, and higher satisfaction with the learning process.